Vancouver B.C


TANK'D is an adventure game with a fun arcade style.
Take command of a tank with the unique ability to drive on walls and blast your way through three action-packed levels.

Even though all of the team was making game design decisions each one of us also had the opportunity to lead one aspect of the game.

Since the beginning of the development of the project part of my main task was to find the visual style for the game. I was in charge of the media bible to provide the whole team the vision of the assets, scenarios and look of the game. After those decisions were taken I spent most of my time designing and creating all the assets that we were going to use to populate the levels.

Besides environment art I was also in charge of the UI/concept art and 3D Enemy Design.

The project was developed in three months using the UDK engine but If you want to know more feel free to contact me and ask me more about TANK'D.

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